Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Visiting Family

This past Friday Cole and I made the trip to Hope for Canan's bday party and to visit all the family! When I say all the family, I mean ALL the family...mine and Gray's!! First, we went to Bodcaw to see my grandparents (The Matherly's). From there we headed to Stamps to my Grandma Johnnie's graveside (this was Cole's first time there and my first time since the funeral in March 07). We then went to Lewisville to visit Grandpa Bill and Pam. And from there...MeMe's house to see MeMe and Berry. Once we left there we made a quick stop at my mom's office in Hope and continued on to Summit Bank to visit Bop. From there we headed to Texarkana to spend the night with Nene. We were totally exhausted, but still managed to make it out to eat at Chili's! I passed out by 10pm and Nene stayed up with Cole until 11pm. Thanks Nene!!

Saturday was Canan's 9th bday party at the skating rink in Texarkana. Before we made it to the party, Mamaw Sharon took us all to eat at Olive Garden. It was yummy...I love the soup, salad, and breadsticks! Canan and I were being silly and put his hair in a ponytail (see pics) and we all got a big laugh! Ashlyn and Janae both came to the party to see Cole...(thank you for coming to us!) and we had a great time skating and eating cupcakes and ice cream!

Week #2 with Uncie Canan!

Ok, so I have been bad about posting the last couple weeks! In my defense, we have been super busy! Lets see...last week I had Uncie Canan at my house for the 2nd time this summer. He absolutely loves to come and spend the week here. It is a change from his norm and he really enjoys helping me with Cole. It is very sweet! Cole really loves Canan, too! He pays attention to everything that Canan says and does. Canan's birthday was the 19th so on Monday, Kayla and I took him to Magic Springs to celebrate his was really HOT, but we still had a great time!! We also played outside with the sprinkler, watched movies, and played video games.
Aunt KK, Uncie Canan, and me at Magic SpringsUncie and Cole playing.Playing outside.Proud Uncie!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

First pair of Crocs!

Nene bought Cole his very first pair of Crocs last week so I had to put them on him and take some pictures! Everyone has been telling me, "Mandi, you better start putting shoes on that boy early or he will never wear them!" So, in light of that information, I have been having him wear them almost every day for a little while, even if just around the house. He does not seem to mind them at all! Lucky me! Anyways, here are some of the pictures. He looks like a 2yr old in these pictures to me. Thanks Nene! We miss you!

My First 5K!

This past Saturday evening I ran my very first 5K! When the doctor gave me the ok to exercise 6 weeks after I had Cole, I started running. I want to eventually run a marathon...I am shooting for the Little Rock Marathon in March 09! I really enjoy running and plan to make it a lifestyle and one day when Cole gets big enough he can do 5K's with me. I seriously need to invest in a jogging stroller though. The only time I can go is at 5am (before Gray leaves for work) or after he gets home at night, unless I have a babysitter for a little while.

I ran in the Big Dam Bridge Twilight 5K in Little Rock. It was pretty hard! The majority of the run was UPHILL! It took me a lot longer than it normally does, but I sure can't wait to do another one! Gray, Cole, and Kayla came to support me. Cole was wearing his "I LOVE MOMMY" shirt to show his support. :) Here are some pictures, but they are not that great. Oh, and it was 90 DEGREES!!!! That's why my face is so nasty and sweaty in the after picture!
All the runners waiting to start!I was not aware that Gray was at the finish line about to take my picture. I would have smiled!
Just moments after I finished the race...can you tell it was hot? Even Gray was sweating. And look at Cole trying to look at funny! MAN, I look rough! haha!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Big boy!

Our little baby boy is growing up so fast! He got a new teether this week and he just loves it! Thanks NeNe! We have tried 3 or 4 different kinds and he just didn't care much for any of the other ones. He has become so attentive lately too! He hears me or Gray talking and he is looking around the room trying to find us. It is so sweet! I think that he is trying to roll over, but I'm not sure. Guess we will find out soon! Here are some pictures from the last couple days.
This one just cracks me up!

He really likes his new rabbit. We named him Charlie.
Trying to roll over??

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Happy late birthday Nene!! Yesterday was my Mom's birthday and Kayla, Cole, and I went to Hope for the day to spend a little time with her. We had a great time and even went by to see our Grandpa Gerald on the way home! We made it back to Conway around 5pm and I got busy doing things around the house so I didn't get around to posting the birthday message until today...sorry Mom! Hope you had a great birthday! We love you!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Aunt Lace!

We wanted to say hello to Aunt Lace! Lacey is one my very best friends and she has been working really hard lately! She works at Arkansas Children's Hospital in the NICU. Her job is very important to lots of families of premature babies. We miss her and I bet she can't wait for her 6 days in a row of being off!! Come see us soon Aunt Lace...we love you!!