Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My First Best Friend!

Cole has his very first friend...Thunder, his horsey. His Mamaw Sharon and Papaw Gerald got this for him for Christmas and when we flew out to Dallas to see them for Thanksgiving, they could not resist giving it to him! He and Thunder have very in-depth convos every day. Cole doesn't like riding him as much as he likes pulling up on him and pushing him around the room. This is Cole's mode of transportation now, besides his walker. They also gave him that and he is a PRO at that as well! But, he pushes Thunder to the Christmas tree or the coffee table so that he can get things he isn't supposed to have. Isn't that what they live for at this age? To get into anything and everything they aren't supposed to. Haha!

Here are some pictures of Cole and his buddy, Thunder...

Christmas Photo Shoot

We went to Aunt G's house on Monday to take some pics. She got an awesome new camera and her tree is beautiful! We got some good shots of Cole, even though he wasn't feeling very well. You should have seen Aunt G, Aunt KK, and Mommy trying to get him to smile. I'm sure you can imagine how crazy we looked!! Haha!! Thanks Aunt G!

Late...I know!! Haha!

Here are the pictures from Halloween! I know, I know...that was forever ago, but I am just now finding the time to post. Sorry about the delay.

Ok, so you can't tell Gray and I were bikers and Cole was a monkey, but it was so warm that we put him in biker gear after we got some adorable pics of him as a monkey!

For everyone that doesn't know, I called Cole "My lil Monkey" the whole time he was in my belly! My little brother, Uncie, got Cole a monkey stuffed animal when he was born, for that reason. So, I thought it only appropriate for him to be a monkey on his first halloween!

Sorry, the pics are out of order.