Monday, March 8, 2010

Yard work

It was so nice outside yesterday! Cole went out about 9am and came in to have lunch and a nap and was right back out until dark! My mom and brother were here so he and Canan played most of the day. When Daddy got home, he asked Cole to help him clean up the flower bed in the front yard. Cole is always excited to do anything Daddy is doing so he jumped on the opportunity to pick up the dead grass and load it into his tractor trailer. It was so cute. He looked like such a big boy. Cole, being the perfectionist that he is, was picking up every single piece of grass. Once he had it cleaned up to his liking, he jumped on the tractor to dump the trailer. He never made it to the dumping part, but he had a blast.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A lot has changed...

So I have finally made it around to posting a new blog. A ton has happened since June. I am almost 33 weeks pregnant with a little GIRL!! Her name is Lilli. Up until the last few weeks my pregnancy has been wonderful except for horrible morning sickness the first 16 weeks. Nothing a little Zofran can't take care of though. Ha. But, 3 weeks ago I had to be admitted to L&D for high blood pressure, 160/100 to be exact. Since then I have been put on bedrest where I will remain until Lilli is born. My blood pressure has been up and down since then. It spikes at least once a day even while on bedrest. I can feel it is a very strange feeling. Cole is taking this like a champ though. He doesn't seem too upset that I can't do much, but his Daddy has taken the reins and is doing a wonderful job playing "Mr. Mom". I think we both appreciate each other a little more now.
As for the nursery, well....nothing is done yet. Yes, I said NOTHING is done yet. I am calmly freaking out about this, if that is possible. I have painters coming to give me estimates on painting the room tomorrow after weeks of trying to get someone out here. I WILL hire SOMEONE tomorrow! I do have the bedding and the crib (not assembled) and a few things to decorate with, but until the room is painted I cannot do anything. Obviously, I won't be doing much, but I can't assign tasks to be done until the room is painted.
On a different note, Cole is doing AWESOME with potty training. Over the last few weeks he has started to tell us when he needs to go tee tee and he went #2 in the potty for the first time yesterday! We were SOOO excited!! I sure hope he doesn't regress too much when Lilli is born.
Here are a few recent pictures...