Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My First Best Friend!

Cole has his very first friend...Thunder, his horsey. His Mamaw Sharon and Papaw Gerald got this for him for Christmas and when we flew out to Dallas to see them for Thanksgiving, they could not resist giving it to him! He and Thunder have very in-depth convos every day. Cole doesn't like riding him as much as he likes pulling up on him and pushing him around the room. This is Cole's mode of transportation now, besides his walker. They also gave him that and he is a PRO at that as well! But, he pushes Thunder to the Christmas tree or the coffee table so that he can get things he isn't supposed to have. Isn't that what they live for at this age? To get into anything and everything they aren't supposed to. Haha!

Here are some pictures of Cole and his buddy, Thunder...

Christmas Photo Shoot

We went to Aunt G's house on Monday to take some pics. She got an awesome new camera and her tree is beautiful! We got some good shots of Cole, even though he wasn't feeling very well. You should have seen Aunt G, Aunt KK, and Mommy trying to get him to smile. I'm sure you can imagine how crazy we looked!! Haha!! Thanks Aunt G!

Late...I know!! Haha!

Here are the pictures from Halloween! I know, I know...that was forever ago, but I am just now finding the time to post. Sorry about the delay.

Ok, so you can't tell Gray and I were bikers and Cole was a monkey, but it was so warm that we put him in biker gear after we got some adorable pics of him as a monkey!

For everyone that doesn't know, I called Cole "My lil Monkey" the whole time he was in my belly! My little brother, Uncie, got Cole a monkey stuffed animal when he was born, for that reason. So, I thought it only appropriate for him to be a monkey on his first halloween!

Sorry, the pics are out of order.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Teeth, Teeth, and MORE Teeth!!

Our little man has been teething for what seems like FOREVER! Gray and I have been patiently waiting and wondering when we were going to see "results" from all his pain and agony. Well, we finally have evidence of teeth coming through! He has THREE, yes THREE, teeth coming through his gums on the top! No wonder he has been so cranky! These 3 teeth will make 5 total teeth now...the other 2 being on the bottom. And he is not even 7 months old yet!! We just cannot believe how fast he is growing up!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall Festival

This past weekend we made it to the Harvestfest at Wildwood Park in Little Rock. We met Gretchan, Corey, Ramsey, John, and Berry there. We had a great time. Cole was just perfect, but he always is! :) Here are a few photos that Gretchan took with their awesome new camera!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bouncing Baby

Here is a video of Cole in his Jumperoo. He LOVES it! He used to only bounce up and down, but he has learned to bounce all over the place now. We thought it was so funny and cute! Sorry the video is a little long.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Surgery Outcome

Well I had the surgery this AM and it went well. I had a laparscopy with 2 very small incisions (one was over the scar from the last surgery). They released a lot of adhesions, including one that was connecting my right ovary to the mesh that was placed in 2002 to repair a hernia. Doc believes that was the culprit for my severe pain. He also found a small area that he believes is endometriosis, so he did a biopsy to see. We will probably find out about that at my appt in 2 weeks. I am very, very sore internally, but my incisions are not really bothering me too much.
I am sure I will be feeling a lot better tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for all the support and prayers! It is great to have good friends and a great family!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Surgery moved up!

Hey guys! I just wanted to let everyone know that my surgery has been moved up to this Monday, Oct 6. It is going to be at Baptist in Day Surgery @7:30am. We are planning to come home that afternoon, as long as everything goes well. My doctor did tell me that he may have to do a c-section incision and in that case I would stay the night. (at least one) So we will see....

Any prayers and thoughts are greatly appreciated! This has been a source of extreme stress for me lately so I am ready to get this done!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I am doing SO terrible when it comes to blogging! But it is not because I do not want to! We have had a ton of things going on lately and I have not had enough time to do anything extra!

Cole is now sitting up by himself, drinking from a sippy cup, eating baby food, rolling over (all directions), standing while holding onto something, squealing all the time, and talking up a storm (Baby language, that is!). He has 2 teeth on the bottom and I am expecting another to pop up any day now. He is just growing up so fast!

Mommy (Me) has been working full time and doing a RN program online. It is going well so far. I am having surgery on Oct. 21st at Baptist. I have been having a ton of pain in my right groin/inguinal area for the last couple months that seems to only be getting worse by the day. We are not sure what is causing it. I have had several tests done and nothing has come up for sure so we are going to do a diagnostic laparscopy to see. Pray for us!

Daddy has just been working as usual and spending as much time as possible with our growing little man! Gray keeps Cole in the evenings while I am at work. I do not get off until 8pm three nights a week. It is great bonding time for them! I am so thankful to have such a wonderful husband!! I love you babe!

Here are several pics that we have taken over the last month. Hopefully, I will be able to post a little more often from now on! I will try to make it more of a priority. I know that everyone wants to see how Cole is growing!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Too long!

I know that it has been too long since I last blogged! There has been a whole lot going on around our house lately! I have started back to work full-time at Primecare Medical Clinic in Conway. It is where I worked before I had Cole. I am really enjoying being back at work! But since I have gone back to work, it is hard to find time to sit down and blog. Sorry!

There have been a few new changes with Cole recently. First, he has his bottom right tooth coming in. It has completely broken through the skin. The left one is on its way through too! I can't believe my baby is already getting teeth!!! Where does time go?? He is also rolling over really well from his tummy to his back. I do have a video, but I have not figured out how to put it on computer yet...I promise I will soon! What else? Well we had our 4 month check up and shots. It went well and the doctor said he is very healthy and looks like he is growing at a good rate. He weighed 15lbs even and was 25in long. He was in the 50th percentile for weight and 75th percentile for height, but what does that really mean anyways? I could care less as long as he is healthy and continuously growing. He is such a mess right now...Gray and I laugh at him constantly! I am sure that he got only the best personality traits from each of us!

Also, Gray and I had our first anniversary on 8-11-08!! Can't believe that we have been married a year and been together for more than 5! Time really does seem to fly by when you are happy! I could not ask for a better husband or father! I love you so much, Gray! Forever and Always! We spent the weekend at Lake Hamilton at the condo - our favorite place on earth! Our parents kept Cole for us and we were able to get some relaxing time on the lake. Gray took me out on the boat Saturday night (in the rain) and we had champangne and ate our cake from the wedding. It was very romantic and very sweet! That was the highlight of the weekend!

Here are just some pictures we have taken over the last few weeks...