Monday, June 30, 2008

Night Walk

Every night Gray takes Cole for a walk before he goes to sleep. It is their special time and it calms Cole down. He loves to be outside! He can be screaming and you walk outside with him and in an instant he is quiet! I usually just let them go and I try to catch up on folding clothes or cleaning up the kitchen, but tonight I decided to get their picture. Cole is just a laughing at Daddy! I LOVE this picture!!

Some Neat Facts...

I thought I would just tell everyone a few new things that Cole is doing. He has been poking his lips out a lot and saying "Mmm mmm mmm". It is like a grunt almost. Kinda hard to type what it sounds like. He also is laughing and "talking" a lot now! He is reaching for things and, of course, they all go straight towards his mouth!! I think we are going to have our hands full with keeping things out of his mouth!! He is just growing up so fast and I wanted to share these details with you. We hope to see everyone soon!

Time to catch up!

It has been a while since my last post so let me try to catch up on what we have been doing the last few days. Lets see, Friday morning I called my sister, Aunt KK, to come over at 7am (she was not excited about this, but she did!) so she could watch Canan and Cole. I had decided that I was going to mow the yard for Gray! He has been working so hard lately so I didn't want him to worry about mowing this weekend. But guess what...I got a seriously bad sinus infection from mowing!! I'm still not feeling much better!

After mowing, I got the boys ready and we headed to Hope for the day. I had to take Canan back and Nene (my mom) wanted to see Cole. Paw (my Dad) came to see Cole at my mom's office once we got there, too! Nene, Cole, and I went out to eat lunch and ran some errands around town. The trip was not long enough, but at least Nene and Paw got to see Cole for a little while! Cole and I got back into Conway about 6:30pm so we could spend some quality time with Daddy!
Saturday I had a ton of things to do to get ready for Stephanie's baby shower! I was up by 5am going to Wal-mart! I got everything done and was ready ON TIME! I am never on time! lol!

Yesterday was our lazy day! We just hung around the house and did nothing! I love those kind of days! Cole got a Baby Einstein Activity Center from the hostesses of my shower and we put it together last night. He is not quite big enough to really appreciate it, but he did sit in it for a while and tried to play with the toys. It was cute!

Here are some pictures from the weekend...
This was Cole's first bath in his Bumbo seat. He was out-growing his little tub and my Aunt and Uncle told me when they were here to try this...he LOVED it! Thanks for the suggestion! I would have never thought of trying it!
I didn't have to hide his privates for the pictures...he is doing a good job of holding onto it already!! Ha ha!!
Hard at work!
Nene and Cole at Nene's office.
Nene, Paw, and Cole. This is so funny...he looks like he is waving!I think he was getting tired of taking pictures.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hanging out with Codi!

Today Cole and I went to eat with one of my friends from nursing school, Codi. We went to Chili's and it was very good. Of course, as soon as the waitress puts our food onto the table I had to start feeding Cole. Haha. It was ok though because we stayed for a long time so Codi and I could catch up. We went to Target and Old Navy after lunch. Cole refused to stay in his stroller so we took turns carrying him around as we looked in Target. As we were leaving I handed Cole back to Codi and in ONE instant he was dead asleep! Codi was so sweet and bought Cole several cute onsies. Thank you Codi!!

One of Cole's new outfits that Codi got him. It says "Daddy's Little Wingman". Daddy loved it!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Aunt G!!

Happy Birthday Aunt G!! Hope you have a wonderful day! We love you!

Silly Faces!

We went for ice cream last night and since we were going right by Aunt KK's (My little sister) we decided to stop for a min. She and Canan were making silly faces at Cole and he decided that he could do it better! It is so funny how far he can get his lips to poke out! We laughed and laughed!! Did I mention Aunt KK lives in an apartment complex and we were out in the car...people were walking by looking at us because we were laughing so much and I was taking pictures like crazy! See...I can do it best Aunt KK!! Too funny!!

Uncie Canan and Me!

Canan is my little brother. He is almost 9 yrs old. He just loves Cole to death! He loves to help me take care of him. He likes to get his bottle ready and feed him. He's not too sure about the burping, but he likes to try! Cole loves when Canan talks to him and makes silly faces. We are so glad he is here this week!!
This of course was making me very nervous, but he did great! Haha

The boys after their baths. Cole was trying to copy Uncie. It was so cute!

Nice to FINALLY meet you!

My Aunt Jessica, Uncle Jason, and Olivia (their 7yr old daughter) came all the way from Troy, TN Sunday to meet Cole. It is a 4 hour trip one way! Jason and I have always been close...he is more like my brother than my uncle! I was so glad they finally got to meet Cole and Cole was so excited. He sat in Jessica's lap for 45 min just talking and smiling and then fell asleep! We went to eat sushi at Fuji Steakhouse and it was delicious!! I hadn't had sushi since before I got pregnant. That is almost a year ago. Canan (my little brother) is staying the week with us so he and Olivia were super excited to see each other too!

Canan and Olivia playing the new ELECTRONIC Monopoly
After playing outside with the waterhose. They had a great time just spraying each other.

Camping out in the living room.

Lake Hamilton!!

We made it to the lake Saturday morning for Bop's birthday. We got there really early and spent most the day just hanging out in the condo with Bop and Berry. Gray, Bop, and me went out on the boat for a little while in the was a wonderful day to be on the lake! Not too hot at all! Gretchan, Corey, Ramsey, and John came up later in the afternoon and we went to Jason's for dinner. It was good. We had a great time and can't wait for July 4th!! This is us on the balcony of the condo. Please excuse the no-makeup look! :) Cole was so sleepy! He slept most the day!
Ramsey and Cole. Ramsey just loves Cole...they will be great friends!
I loved the hat! Cole? Not so much!
Mommy and Cole.

Friday, June 20, 2008

NO Mommy!

Cole loves to be in the water so we play in the tub sometimes. We did today and Cole had a grand ole time! (I can't take pictures because I don't have a free hand) He was obviously NOT ready to get out! I love when he sticks his lip's so cute!

Happy Birthday Bop!!

Today is Bop's 60th Birthday...Happy Birthday Bop! We love you! We have been getting ready to go to the lake for the weekend to hang out with Bop, Berry, Aunt G, Uncle Corey, Ramsey and John! Let's not forget Gabbi (our dog), Daisy, and King (Bop and Berry's dogs). It takes a whole day to pack for a weekend! But as you can tell, we get a little distracted sometimes! Can't wait to see you Bop!

Late Father's Day

Father's day was last Sunday, but unfortounately Gray had to work until after 8pm! On top of that downer, Cole started running a low-grade fever that day and was in no mood for play once Daddy got home. It was so sad since this is Gray's very first Father's Day! We decided that we would just have Father's Week instead! Cole's shirt says "My Daada is #1". Gray was very proud! He is such a great daddy!