Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy FIRST Birthday Cole!

I cannot believe that my BABY is a year old! It seems like yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital! Time really does fly by SO fast! I believed everyone when they told me it would...but it goes by so much faster than I had imagined! My baby is such a Big Boy now!! He reminds me SOOO much of his daddy!! I think I have decided that I am going to have to lock him in his room when he becomes a teenager!! All of you that know Gray, totally understand why I am saying that!! HAHA!! I LOVE my two boys!!! They both keep me laughing non-stop!

I'm not sure why we didn't get more pictures of Cole's little cake...which was MILK FREE!!! Hopefully someone got a few! In case you didn't know, Cole is allergic to milk! We did not find out for sure until he was 9months old. At that time he was projectile vomiting EVERYTHING he put into his mouth! It was a horrible time! So, thanks to Dr. Rivas (Doc I work with) we were able to find a bakery that would make him a MILK FREE cake...this was no easy task! I had arrangements with a bakery here in Conway and they called me 3 days b4 the party to inform me that they could not make the cake for me!!!! 3 days before!! Really?! (I had made arrangements more than 2 weeks before that) I was so upset, so Dr. Rivas called his patient/bakery lady in MALVERN (more than an hr away) and she said she would just get online and get a recipe! She was a life saver! So, Bop and Berry had to stop and pick up the cakes on their way to Conway! Thanks Bop and Berry! And the cakes were both delicious!!

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Jennifer and Trent Holloway said...

I cannot believe Cole is a year old!!! wow, time really does fly. He is as cute as ever!! :)

Miss you guys!