Thursday, March 4, 2010

A lot has changed...

So I have finally made it around to posting a new blog. A ton has happened since June. I am almost 33 weeks pregnant with a little GIRL!! Her name is Lilli. Up until the last few weeks my pregnancy has been wonderful except for horrible morning sickness the first 16 weeks. Nothing a little Zofran can't take care of though. Ha. But, 3 weeks ago I had to be admitted to L&D for high blood pressure, 160/100 to be exact. Since then I have been put on bedrest where I will remain until Lilli is born. My blood pressure has been up and down since then. It spikes at least once a day even while on bedrest. I can feel it is a very strange feeling. Cole is taking this like a champ though. He doesn't seem too upset that I can't do much, but his Daddy has taken the reins and is doing a wonderful job playing "Mr. Mom". I think we both appreciate each other a little more now.
As for the nursery, well....nothing is done yet. Yes, I said NOTHING is done yet. I am calmly freaking out about this, if that is possible. I have painters coming to give me estimates on painting the room tomorrow after weeks of trying to get someone out here. I WILL hire SOMEONE tomorrow! I do have the bedding and the crib (not assembled) and a few things to decorate with, but until the room is painted I cannot do anything. Obviously, I won't be doing much, but I can't assign tasks to be done until the room is painted.
On a different note, Cole is doing AWESOME with potty training. Over the last few weeks he has started to tell us when he needs to go tee tee and he went #2 in the potty for the first time yesterday! We were SOOO excited!! I sure hope he doesn't regress too much when Lilli is born.
Here are a few recent pictures...

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